Marc Schömann, Blackbox – Multitool 3D Printer


Learn more about Marc Schömann and the LayerShift project he built using Autodesk Fusion 360 and OpenBOM.

Marc Schomann is versatile as the products he designs. His projects include a variety of innovative designs from a soft-touch robot hand to an innovative kinematic coupler (learn more about Marc at LayerShift). In his latest endeavor, Marc and his team are designing and building the first all Autodesk Fusion 360 designed Open Source 3D printer ever, and he is doing it with OpenBOM.

The team designs entirely with Autodesk Fusion 360 then captures product structure, item, and vendor information using OpenBOM’s purpose built Fusion 360 Addin where they create and maintain all the related Catalogs and Bills of Material for the project. Later, the team shares it all to the open-source community using OpenBOM’s powerful Share function – there are no Excel files or emailing of designs here – it’s all in the Cloud with Fusion 360 and OpenBOM!

But that’s only the start…. Users of the Open Source data then access the printer design via the Autodesk Fusion/A360 cloud storage (links automatically created and kept up-to-date in OpenBOM and the OpenBOM dashboard.

“Our distributed team used OpenBOM to capture product structure and assembly and part data from Autodesk Fusion 360 then create bills of material for purchasing the components we needed to build the printer,” Marc said.  “The OpenBOM Fusion 360 integration made it easy to create and update BOMs and Part Catalogs and to identify and specify vendors as the design moved forward.”

Marc envisions individual producers of the printer all over the world using the common Autodesk Fusion 360 design and the flexible OpenBOM Catalog and Vendor Lists to localize and source components to manufacturer their design in their own region; folks in the EU assigning EU based Catalogs and vendors while those in Asia or Canada doing likewise. The real essence of Open Source.

To learn more about the Open Source 3D printer visit Hackaday project Blackbox website sites and LayerShift website.  

To learn more about OpenBOM navigate to

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