Darren Saravis X-naut. iPad Cooling Solutions


Learn more about Darren Saravis and X-naut iPad Cooling System he built with the help of OpenBOM.

X-naut designs iPad cooling solutions which enable people to work and play in extreme temperatures, and when X-naut needed to keep up with their rapidly evolving Bill of Materials and vendor management requirements they chose OpenBOM.

X-naut was founded by Darren Saravis in 2017 with its flagship product, iPad Cooling Case for iPads, was designed, tested and approved by the aviation market.  This revolutionary product prevents iPads from overheating in extreme conditions. At X-naut, the goal is to move people forward by removing boundaries created by extreme temperatures. Keep Cool and Fly Safe!

As demand for the unique products quickly grew X-naut found themselves hustling to managing the components and supply lines necessary to meet the expanding demand. X-naut relies on OpenBOM to quickly capture the product structure form the 3D CAD designs and create the Items, Catalogs and Bills of materials necessary to produce their products.

The entire X-naut team from design to supply line to manufacturing rely on OpenBOM.

“The ease of use coupled with the production planning features of OpenBOM give us the ERP features we need without all the ramp time, cost and maintenance of an on premise system” says X-naut CEO Darren Saravis. “OpenBOM’s ability to quickly bring together design and vendor information into a purchase order and manage quantity on hand helps us manage demand and inventory at our off-shore facilities”.

X-naut is based in Long Beach, California and has manufacturing and support around the world.  With direct sales through their website and on Amazon and other retailers, X-naut reaches a wide audience.

For more information about X-naut visit  https://x-naut.com/

To learn more about OpenBOM navigate to www.openbom.com

About the author: Steve Hess Director of User Experience, OpenBOM

Steve Hess, Director of User Experience at OpenBOM, CAD/PDM/PLM junkie, gear-head, husband and dad. OpenBOM offers innovative modern methods to take your manufacturing data to the cloud and enable your company’s digital transformation through a connected Bill of Materials. Steve is an entrepreneurial Mechanical Engineer and engineering process ninja who has worked for Onshape, Solidworks, and Teradyne and is focused on improving the customer user experience.

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