Intelon Optics Makes Product Data Easy Available Across the Organization Using OpenBOM

Intelon Optics
Intelon Optics

There is much more to high-tech bioengineering company Intelon than meets the eye…. Literally!  Intelon Optics engineers and manufactures a device for measuring ocular (eye) tissue properties, and OpenBOM is helping them do it!

I sat down with Lexington, Massachusetts-based Senior Director of Operations Jim Passalugo a few weeks ago to learn more about Intelon and how OpenBOM helps them succeed.

Intelon’s BOSS™ instrument utilizes a non-invasive, light based test, to measure stiffness of eye tissues.  These data points are displayed as a map and allow opthamologists to use the test data in the (early) diagnosis of eye diseases.  Once available, BOSS could replace the annoying ”air puff” test and open the door to additional eye testing/ screening not available today.

I learned that Jim is responsible for manufacturing, procurement, and supports compliance at Intelon, including critical contract manufacturer and sub-contractor channels, located primarily in the US North East.  He was looking for a way to manage Bills Of Material across a wide range of stakeholders, and after evaluating several options, he selected OpenBOM, largely because of the flexibility offered.

“The value in OpenBOM can be described as dynamic and flexible, which extends from the ability to define sub modules appropriately, then link them together using the OpenBOM user interface to create an overall structured system of BOMs.” says Jim.

He goes on to say “The list of parts is a critical piece, as it allows for centralization of information.  The disparate systems of CAD, Excel, and miscellaneous spreadsheets was a challenge, and OpenBOM brought all that information together into a central, live, shareable BOM”.

He likes the pricing too.  The OpenBOM Team subscription meets their needs as they have people form various groups in the company accessing/creating/consuming OpenBOM data.

Jim explains how Intelon uses both reference links and the visual BOM (thumbnail images) properties of OpenBOM to improve communication with the folks making and managing the parts. “Part maintenance is key!  We have eliminated duplicate part numbers and vendors using OpenBOM. Our team in procurement can make changes without needing an expensive seat (and extensive training) in Solidworks, which saves us time and money.”

“We can update the BOM with a new cost, assign an alternative supplier, and more, all without distracting engineering from what they are doing”.

The team, especially non-CAD roles in the company, took to OpenBOM very quickly given the familiar, Excel like grid user interface,” says Jim.  “OpenBOM easily connects our CAD to our financial and inventory tracking systems, reducing duplication and errors.”

The bottom line is OpenBOM allows design authors AND consumers to easily contribute to manufacturing and planning at Intelon!

On any given day, Intelon has CAD engineers, Quality Control, Supply Chain / Procurement, and senior-level managers all using OpenBOM as the single source of truth.

Finally”, says Jim Passalugo, “One of the biggest values in OpenBOM is the support team responsiveness.  We get answers in a matter of hours, not days.  Absolutely a huge value!  The responsiveness from the OpenBOM leadership team is outstanding!”

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