Escape Ventures Uses OpenBOM To Manage Multiple Parts In Their Production Process

Escape Ventures
Escape Ventures

At OpenBOM we love receiving and sharing customer stories. There is something special about being able to help your audience and customers solve problems that are otherwise holding them back.

We find that with each customer story we learn a little bit more about our client base. This in return helps us develop our platform to your specific needs.

In this Customer Story post, we’ll be sharing a video testimonial from Jim Barcz – CEO over at Escape Ventures. Escape Ventures focuses on the development of Electronic Entertainment Products.

See What Jim Has To Say…

“We’re using OpenBOM to manage the parts we are using in the production of our product for our client. In particular, We love the product from a standpoint of item description, where we’re buying the product from, its price, and I also like the fact that it rolls up pricing inside of OpenBom which helps us cost out our product.”

Check out the video below and see why Jim is rating OpenBOM 10 out of 10!

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