IMBU B.V. – We Like The Simplicity And Portability of OpenBOM. It Just Works!


IMBU has been monitoring and analyzing compression equipment in the most remote places on the planet for years and provides a proven solution which works under the toughest conditions.

As such, IMBU is all about reliability and operation under tough conditions.  

“We felt very strongly about the ability to have a plug-and-play installation for Ariel compressors,” Says Gert Dam, IMBU General Manager and Co-Founder. “In order to make it easy to install, you have to work towards a kit, which we assembled based on Ariel frame serial numbers. A customer can install (the technology) themselves.“

Gert and his team have carried that plug-and-play philosophy through to their engineering tools as well.  After many hours of evaluation settling on cloud based OpenBOM for Bill of Material and Catalog management along with PTC’s Onshape for CAD design.

“The OpenBOM / Onshape suite of tools works extremely well for us.  OpenBOM creates both Catalog inventories and Multi-Level BOMs directly from our Onshape models”. Says Byron van Gool IMBU Mechanical Engineering Manager. “We rely on the ability of OpenBOM to integrate tightly with our Onshape design structure and create a Multi-Level BOM.  We then connect our OpenBOM item master catalog to that BOM to enable reuse of our extensive items catalog”.

IMBU also uses OpenBOMs unique formula feature to perform multi-level calculations for pricing.  “The ability to rollup the cost of sub-assemblies and items in a BOM to the top level saves us hours and hours of manual calculations”, says Gert. 

As the IMBU designs mature they use OpenBOM to create a batch Order BOM and identify inventory shortages and finally a single click to create all needed Vendor Purchase Orders for that particular batch order individual requirements.

Similar to our own IMBU Web Suite of monitoring tools, OpenBOM runs entirely with a web browser.  “We like the simplicity and portability of that” says Gert. “It just works!”

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