ConsultR provider of ERP solutions for manufacturing and retail relies on OpenBOM to deliver engineering and BOM data management solutions


Atlanta, Georgia, based ConsultR was formed in 2012 as an IT consulting company and has since grown into a digital products and services organization specializing in ERP for manufacturing and retail. With offices in Argentina and the USA, they can support clients worldwide. And rely on OpenBOM as a significant component of their products and services.

The company’s founder, Ramiro Canovas, brings strong expertise in software services from EMC/Dell, where he served as a software specialist for many years before starting ConsultR.

“We are building very specific ERP systems for the manufacturing and retail industry,” he explains, “and OpenBOM is a key element of our deliverables and our clients’ success.”

ConsultR clients seek to improve and automate their manufacturing processes.  

“ConsultR delivers much more than an ERP product”, says Ramiro. “We design and deploy systems and processes for planning, product design, sourcing materials, shipping, more across our client’s entire product lifecycle.”

“To start, our clients need a reliable way to send product structure information, with all important attributes, from CAD to ERP”, says Ramiro. “OpenBOM does just that and more.”

ConsultR clients not only rely on the out-of-the-box OpenBOM CAD integrations but also on specific, point solutions, developed by ConsultR using the OpenBOM API.

“We saw in OpenBOM a mature product that would do exactly what our customers needed – transfer all the CAD data to OpenBOM, then by extension to their ERP via the OpenBOM API.”

“Presently, we support the OpenOBM revision feature and will add more capabilities as OpenBOM file management and change management features continue to evolve.”

ConsultR clients appreciate the simplicity of the OpenBOM change tracking.

“Our clients find tremendous value in the overall reliability and technical capabilities of OpenBOM, including the change tracking (history) feature.”

According to Ramiro, the ConsultR team reviewed a number of other products before selecting to partner with OpenBOM.

“The alternatives did not offer the mature integrations and flexibility or API capabilities we require,” he said. “They just did not fit into our product offering or workflow.”

“In the end, we find the OpenBOM product to be solid, reliable, and built on a modern technological foundation. The company is a pleasure to work with, they understand our needs and provide the flexibility we require. We appreciate their customer-in approach to the relationship.”

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