Simplifying Inventory Control: How Flavor Craft Foods Streamlined Operations with OpenBOM

Flavor Craft Foods
Flavor Craft Foods

The CEO/Founder of Flavor Craft Foods, Angie Ruff, selected OpenBOM to deliver fast, reliable, cost-effective products and services to their specialty foods industry customers and saved 10 hours a week in the process!

Jackie Hooker, Operations Manager for the Florida-based full-service product development and co-packaging firm, says “OpenBOM is the answer to our inventory control problems.”

The firm’s clients include Bass Pro Shops and other leading brands.

“Our customers rely on our quality branded products and food science services for everything from small batch to high volume production, and OpenBOM quickly calculates what, and how much, of every ingredient needed to fulfill their order quickly.”

Previously, Flavor Craft Foods ran the company’s materials demands and product delivery calculations in Excel but the process became very messy as they scaled.

“Our dry goods products lend themselves to the OpenBOM process quite nicely,” Jackie explains, “I simply create a BOM for each product based on the customer’s requirements.”

“Then, when we get an order from Bass Pro Shops for Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix for example, I open the BOM, Create an Order for the amount they need, and OpenBOM calculates the requirements (demand) for that order with a single click.”

“Additionally, I can immediately tell the customer if we have all the ingredients on hand and when it will ship, or quickly and easily process change orders to production orders in flight, something that was nearly impossible with our Excel-based system.”

“Since switching to OpenBOM, we have reduced the operations time to process customers’ orders by 10 hours a week.  OpenBOM literally pays for itself.”

Flavor Craft Foods went through a process before selecting OpenBOM.

“I had experience with SAP so we took a (quick) look there, it was simply too costly to buy, train, and maintain.”

“ was also nice, but lacked the BOM and Order features that were so important to us.”

“We even considered staying on Excel, but the cost to calculate an Order every time it changed was impractical.”

“OpenBOM was the obvious choice for us.  The features and cost were a good fit for our growing company and the self-paced training materials are outstanding,” Jackie says.

“Even now, I can easily open a training video on Purchase Orders, for example, on one screen, and follow along on my real data on the other, it’s just easy.”

“The bottom line is that OpenBOM keeps our recipes as BOMs and instantly generates demand based on the Order(s), and that’s what we need.

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