OpenBOM helps TTM Technologies enhance team effectiveness and facilitate a smooth transition from early-stage design to manufacturing

TTM Advanced Manufacturing Group
TTM Advanced Manufacturing Group

The TTM Advanced Manufacturing Group (AMG) (NAS: TTMI), is responsible for the design and creation of in-house manufacturing machinery and software to support TTM plants in North America and Asia Pacific, and OpenBOM is a key enabling technology for the team.

TTM Technologies is a global manufacturer of technology solutions, engineered systems, RF Components, and PCBs. TTM stands for time-to-market, representing how TTM’s manufacturing services enable customers to shorten the time required to develop new products and bring them to market.  AMG supports the TTM plants and business units with manufacturing research, machine tools, and software and sensor systems. To support plants across the globe, the TTM Advanced Manufacturing Group relies on OpenBOM to quickly move from early-stage design to manufacturing, saving many hours of engineering a week, and allowing them to meet the demands of their customers.

“We rely on OpenBOM to help us manage a wide range of inputs from our internal customers and quickly deliver an accurate product BOM to our manufacturing floor”, explains Owen Long, Lead AM Group at TTM Technologies.

“At TTM, we productize the machine tools and manufacturing technology such that it becomes a proprietary part of the process.  The research, software, and machinery are part of our internal deliverables”, explained Owen.

Readers here may want to think of this process as the internal customer use case.

“We calculate ROI and savings as you would with any other (external) customer, based on effectiveness and efficiency, and OpenBOM is a large part of our team’s effectiveness.”

Let’s take a deeper dive into the technical issues TTM is solving with OpenBOM and how TTM’s Advanced Manufacturing Group is deploying OpenBOM.

TTM continues to grow internally and through the acquisition of key enabling technologies for our customers

With the different teams and tools that have been developed, comes techniques ripe for broader scaling in our factories, but also a level of heterogeneity in form and completeness that could be difficult to message using conventional low-tech OR high-tech PLM systems. OpenBOM allows for rapid integration of materials and editing of those bills. 

“We had old BOMs, new BOMs, BOMs in Excel and others in text, many have become obsolete with time or were simply incomplete, others required tribal knowledge to be reusable, it wasn’t working and didn’t scale.”

“We needed a lean flexible tool to record and organize legacy products while accurately documenting what we needed to build or buy.”

“After evaluating several options, we purchased OpenBOM for several reasons. One – the Agile approach fits nicely into our internal processes; two – OpenBOM allowed us to quickly go from prototype to manufacturing, we could get the BOM to the shop floor right away, and three, OpenBOM has everything we need without the overhead and burden of what we don’t need.”

“We really like the ease of use of the OpenBOM UX and UI. Our Operations team picked it up quickly, and casual users can return to OpenBOM as needed and be effective.”

“On the occasion when we need support, the OpenBOM support team is outstanding.  If we need access to expanded help or just want to have a conversation about OpenBOM at TTM, the OpenBOM team is available.”

“TTM serves a market committed to security and protection of IP so the Multi-Factor Authentication option in OpenBOM is very important to us”, explains Owen, “the lean design of OpenBOM was in line with our needs from the very beginning.”

“The bottom line for TTM is the efficiency of operation.  We build a mini in-house factory here to highlight the entire design digital supply chain and OpenBOM saves us over 8 hours a week of engineering time.”

“OpenBOM feels like it was built by engineers for engineers!”

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