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G2 Online Reviews
G2 Online Reviews

The best stories about software are usually told by customers. Back in the day when we’ve been attending the conferences (I really hope these days will come back…), my favorite part of the conference was to attend the customer presentations. The best customer presentations are usually those that tell the unscripted stories of customers discovering the software through pain points, focusing on how to bring a change to a company, and not being afraid of going through the complexity of changes. 

Although people are always talking about product reviews and stories, the definition and scope are changing these days. Our customers are more and more focusing on an entire experience of how to find the best software, learn it, and use it. It is important for them to communicate with support and to listen to their criticism and problems. 

SaaS Software Value 

OpenBOM is an online (SaaS) software and it gives us a lot of room to bring a different experience to our customers. It all starts from the information we provide online. We focus on education and we have a lot of materials online – videos, webinars, online documents, etc. Unlike some other vendors that provide slick websites with marketing pictures, OpenBOM gives you hands-on experience explaining problems you want to solve and giving you live videos and documents with the solutions. The same about support – OpenBOM provides online support with real-time knowledge experts helping you to find answers. 

OpenBOM Badges 

Customers love us and we are proud to be recognized by G2 with Multiple Customer Focused Awards In G2 Crowd 2021 Spring Reviews. OpenBOM was awarded multiple G2 awards acknowledging OpenBOM customer loyalty and innovative customer-focused product development. OpenBOM awards include the G2 Best Relations Spring 2021, G2 Most Implementable Spring 2021, and G2 Momentum Leader Spring 2021 for PLM Software G2 Spring 2021 Report.

G2 Customer Stories 

Customer stories are another place where we’ve been looking at how to differentiate from other legacy PLM vendors. This is how we found G2 Crowd- an online website helping businesses find the right solution. With the focus on online and SaaS software, G2 was appealing to us as a place we can use to help our customers express their thoughts and recommendations about OpenBOM – good, bad, and ugly. It is very important because if you’re researching about a product to use, you want to get real information and not glamour marketing. G2 Reviews can give you an idea of why OpenBOM can be the right choice for you. You can learn and read OpenBOM G2 Reviews by navigating to this link

Today, I want to give you some of my favorite reviews from G2 Crowd about OpenBOM. 

Furniture manufacturing company

Life-changing software. Since I discovered OpenBOM I accelerated my workflow and managed to almost double the efficiency of my process of production. I design furniture in Fusion 360 and the BOM process was consuming a lot of time due to the lack of automated generation options in the app. Now I can focus my time on designing and my projects are one click away from BOM generation for creating offers and launching production. Thank you guys, you did a wonderful job!I really appreciate your work.

Medium size manufacturing company 

Great product and exceptional support. OpenBOM is highly configurable: It allows us to generate sub-assemblies, submodules, as well as our complete instrument build. With the linkage back to our CAD system (Solidworks), the engineering team’s time is minimized, allowing them to work on other tasks. We also manage our vendor lists & key items as part of the system.

Small manufacturing business (50 or less employees)

Creating Orders from Chaos. Open BOM has enabled us to create more order in our hardware design and production. Before using openBOM, we had a list of different Excels, separate BOMs and basically no simple up-to-date overview for every product. Using OpenBOM quickly helped us to gain clarity on this and have a platform grouping everything.

Mechanical Engineer in a medium size enterprise company (50-1000 employees). 

Simple system with CAD Integrations. Simple and affordable. Always adding new features and taking customer feedback. The built-in method of contacting OpenBom is simple and intuitive and I feel like I get quality attention including when I ask about new features, they try to understand my priority and I feel that they take that into account when deciding what features to add to the platform next.

User in Consumer Electronics (medium size company) 

Great online application to manage product data. OpenBOM has been a great tool to organize our parts, creating a part number structure and BOMs for our projects. It has many features that will make the job easier to handle. Our data can be organized and displayed according to our needs which makes it a powerful tool for project data managing.

Engineering Manager from small manufacturing company (50 employees) 

The ability to quickly export BOM from Solidworks Assembly and the Add-on on the Solidworks itself. This cuts several steps of having to create the BOM in Drawings and export it. The instructions and video tutorials are also very straightforward. The product is simple and good for what it is intended for. The customer support is also great and responds in a timely manner.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at small manufacturing company (less than 50 employees) 

The whole idea of live catalogs and pricing all around is a winner. OpenBOM Simplifies this process into an easy to use user interface. I love the way things are linked together to help find what your looking for from previous BOM’s

Mechanical Engineer with medium size manufacturing company

OpenBOM is the right way to organize your data. The implementation of catalogs is helpful to us; we delete the human errors with the automatic options of generating number parts. The Solidworks Add-in can shorten the time of generating a BOM. Now we haven’t mistaken quantities or number parts between CAD and BOM. If I need to work in another software like excel or share the information with a supplier, we can export data quickly.

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