OpenBOM customers enjoy the benefits of tailor-made onboarding (Examples from ABB and FullCircleWater)


OpenBOM’s unique approach to tailor-made custom-specific onboarding is yielding huge dividends for OpenBOM and its customers.

OpenBOM annual subscribers are expressing great satisfaction with the individualized onboarding experience they receive with Team subscriptions and above. OpenBOM’s exclusive, concierge onboarding sessions bring the customer’s process to OpenBOM and vice versa – many express surprises as they find opportunities to improve their own internal business processes as a result of the onboarding experience.

OpenBOM Director of User experience, Steve Hess, has delivered over 30 onboarding sessions since the company started offering the concierge service in 1Q 2021.  “I have been sitting down (remotely) with each of our annual Team & Company level subscribers and taking them through the OpenBOM implementation process as it pertains precisely to their use case,” says Hess. “We often uncover many opportunities for improvement in the customer’s process, whether it’s using OpenBOM to dispense part numbers or creating more advanced multidisciplinary BOMs from mechanical and PCB integrations”.

ABB Port Systems and Services delivers automation and electrical systems for container and bulk cargo handling – from ship to gate and has recently deployed OpenBOM.

As the OpenBOM administrator at ABB – PSS, the OpenBOM onboarding service provided me and my team with the necessary skills to properly implement our process within OpenBOM,” says ABB Ports Systems and Services division Materials Manager, Eric Herms

“Steve and his team have extensive design and manufacturing skills and went right to the core of our implementation needs. Offering their expertise whenever we needed it and providing support with fast response times.   The experience has been vital to our success with OpenBOM and we are excited to bring this new software to our organization”.

The versatility and flexibility of the OpenBOM onboarding experience is ideal as not every company has the same needs or is solving the same problem with OpenBOM.

Full Circle Water, for example, was replacing an existing process with OpenBOM and needed help with migrating methods and data to OpenBOM.

Full Circle Water designs and builds large-scale state-of-the-art water treatment systems in a variety of configurations and for a variety of industrial purposes. They rely on OpenBOM to manage their BIlls of Material and more.

“The OpenBOM team has been an asset to our organization!” says Full Circle Water engineer Jason Rosty. “From the initial scope of work to roll out and training, this team is invigorating and eager to make this product work for any scenario! We have been collaborating ever since our first phone call. Highly recommended.”

OpenBOM onboarding is available to all annual subscribers at the Team and Company level.

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