How CATIM is using Autodesk Fusion 360 and OpenBOM to achieve outstanding quality


CATIM Bill of Materials requirements is as diverse as their products! According to CATIM Solution Architect, “Combining BOMs from disparate design systems was next to impossible using Excel”.

Creating Automation and Technology In Motion – that’s what is all about. CATIM designs and manufactures a wide variety of automation solutions for buildings, factories and office space serving a variety of businesses and industries.  CATIM products are cross-functional and include robotic and mechatronics, IoT, solar, power, PLC and other automation components just to name a few.

CATIM discovered OpenBOM out of simple necessity. “We needed some way to make a BOM from Autodesk’s Fusion 360,” says their Design Manager. “I went to my keyboard and quickly discovered OpenBOM. We gave it a try and are now saving literally hundreds of hours a year with OpenBOM”.

“We are a systems integration provider in the wide spectrum of automation that Gartner is calling hyper-automation,” says CATIM Marketing Manager. “We need to move quickly to capture opportunities and deliver value to our customers. Autodesk Fusion and OpenBOM are some of the tools that enable us to do just that.”

CATIM is in the early phase of a 100 house affordable housing project that includes solar cogeneration sharing between buildings and OpenBOM will be used extensively on that project. CATIM’s unique multi-discipline smart distribution box is at the heart of the system and relies on OpenBOM’s ability to integrate BOMs and items from many sources into a single unified Bill of Material. Here is what one looks like installed.

CATIM has found a synergy in the Autodesk Fusion and OpenBOM integration which allows data to flow quickly from ideation to manufacturing and onto implementation.

Finally, no blog would be complete without mention of CATIMs smart power applications platform that will be released to the market in 2020.  The platform has a multitude of features such as smart solar, smart battery charging, power control, cloud interaction and hosting user applications in an easy to learn the visual language

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