How Activate Games Bridges Autodesk Design Tools, Multi-Disciplinary BOM, And Purchase Orders Into A Seamless Information Flow

Activate Games
Activate Games

Activate Games designs and delivers an extremely unique set of physically interactive game rooms with over 30 different immersive games that provide hundreds of difficulty levels. They rely on OpenBOM for more than just BOMs.

Activate’s games are awesome. Imagine a room-sized game where you are the game piece!

This Canadian-based company began conceptualizing the experience over four years ago with design and production over the past three years; Installing their first game site in January of 2019 in Manitoba, Canada. A second site soon followed in Ontario near Toronto. They’ve since expanded with partners in the U.S. in Kentucky and Tennessee and are planning further builds in Canada this year. 

Activate Games’, Manufacturing Manager, Jeremy Darvill says in very plain terms “We are still a startup, but we have real scaling needs”. All of us at OpenBOM are excited to partner with Activate and help them meet those needs.

“OpenBOM is the best bridge software I have used”, he says, explaining that OpenBOM is responsible for bringing information together from several disparate design and manufacturing systems in his company. 

“Our product is an interactive game room that we design, build and sell,” he says “It has modular rooms, each with sub-systems like our proprietary PCB system and modular game component designs.”

According to Jeremy, “Pre-sales will bring each modular system into a top-level BOM then use OpenBOM to rollup cost for every component and sub-component, including labor.”

Activate relies on Autodesk Eagle for PCB and Autodesk Fusion 360 for mechanical design. As such their BOMs are multi-disciplined and contain each and every item which belongs to that modular system.

“OpenBOM allows us to build a complete master BOM. Each and every item which goes into our product is in the BOM”

“That includes every component on every PCB, every Fusion 360 CAD designed part, and every off-the-shelf item we buy from a local supplier, we track it all in OpenBOM”. 

“Cost is very important to us. We track all line item costs and roll them up to the BOM level. Using custom formulas even allows us to keep track of sales pricing for different customers in multiple currencies, OpenBOM makes that easy to do.”

But Activate Games utilizes OpenBOM for more than just product BOMs.

“We love that we can create an order for each build”, says Jeremy. “Including purchase orders for components and general operational supplies from raw materials to fasteners”

Activate Games’ decision to buy OpenBOM was an informed decision.

“I seriously evaluated a number of alternative products and offerings,” says Jeremy. “I went with the OpenBOM free trial so I could get some hands-on with the product, then handed it over to my engineering team for implementation once I knew it would work for our size of manufacturing.”

“For us, OpenBOM represents the best possible value for our company. It was easy to buy and implement. I didn’t want the financial burden, or implementation and maintenance costs, of the traditional enterprise solution.”

“OpenBOM is the best product fit for my team”.

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