Dongguan Based Contract Manufacturer EPower Corp. Uses OpenBOM to Manage Multiple Project BOMs and Change Orders

EPower Corp
EPower Corp

EPower Corp is an American and Hong Kong owned contract manufacturer with a 150,000 square foot facility in Dongguan, China. They specialize in manufacturing consumer electronics and consumer good products for startups and SME’s. These products usually consist of a BOM count of around 50-1,000 unique parts. 

EPower is involved during later stage development and DFM all the way to product launch and scale-up. This means that we take on the responsibility of DFM and optimizing parts for production which usually entails part changes or re-designs. 

At EPower Corp. we believe that the BOM is the most important later stage development and manufacturing document there” says Jared Haw, an executive at EPower Corp., “It holds the manufacturing knowledge of your product. So, it’s extremely important to keep it up-to-date. And Excel just wasn’t getting it done for us, this created too many emails back and forth and files that were lost” 

The main problems EPower had was updating the BOM when changes would occur (i.e. versions of a drawing, colors, manufacturing process, etc…) and showing changes to the cost as well. Having only a couple parts that changed could take up to an hour to show in the BOM and make sure everything was updated appropriately. 

EPower needed a platform that could manage our BOM (which simultaneously manages our projects) and helps streamline our development process. We started to use OpenBOM for this purpose. 

We started to use OpenBOM as a way to manage our BOM, manage our projects and manage our change orders. All of which significantly helps to streamline our later-stage development to production processes. 

For example, when we would propose a change, we would make samples and send them to the client. If the prototypes were accepted, we simply insert the drawings and new material specs into the BOM and our job is done. 

This replaced duplicating the last BOM, making the changes, and sending over the BOM and the new drawings. This is ok if there is only one change but unfortunately, that’s never the case. 

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