David Anderson, Verdetech Products


“My first impression of OpenBOM was “Yay, No More Excel. Period!”

My company is lean and mean and feels that records and process keeping are necessary to a level that is required to make our company efficient…. And no more.

Most of the available tools are too much. To much cost. Too much effort to implement. Too much to maintain. OpenBOM is perfect for our agile startup to get our product to market. It’s just the right size for us and fits nicely into our organization.

Importantly, OpenBOM has helped us get a handle on our inventory of both modeled and non-modeled parts. Others in my company can see the image on the BOM and know exactly what to get from stock. Descriptions just aren’t that descriptive sometimes and as they say, an image is worth a thousand words.

Because OpenBOM integrates nicely with our CAD system with little or no overhead I use it to automatically put our CAD files in Dropbox so I can access them remotely.

Finally, everything is in a table which I can quickly scan and see if I’m missing a description or part number or something else, I can also easily recognize conventions, trends, etc, which is impossible when working in CAD. It’s all the benefits of Excel but directly linked back top Solidworks.

I recommend OpenBOM to any shop using CAD.“

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