Culligan Rochester Eliminates BOM Mistakes and Enable Real-Time Team Collaboration with OpenBOM

Culligan Rochester
Culligan Rochester

Culligan Rochester is a 3rd generation business reinventing itself as a leader in the Culligan franchise industry. CEO Andrew Holden has a thirst for product innovation which radiates through his organization and is evident in their industry-leading water purification and softener systems they design and install in leading manufacturing sites across the United States.

So, when the CEO asked Mechanical Designer Jamie Heaton to create a lean and fast engineering and design team that communicates well with their in-house manufacturing, Jamie chose OpenBOM to get the job done.

“Sharing with my team is the name of the game,” says Jamie.  “We literally started from scratch creating an Engineering department and developing a product line”

“We looked at Epicor and other ERPs but the cost and vastness did not fit our lean design. We came across OpenBOM and knew right away it was the perfect solution for us”, Jamie goes on to say. “In nearly every aspect of OpenBOM, cost, ease of use and reuse, an outstanding Solidworks integration which is second to none, and something we didn’t expect from a low-cost cloud solution – superior response time and professional service from the OpenBOM team.”

Culligan Rochester found that using OpenBOM to stage their BOMs was a huge time saver and has begun applying the same methods to OpenBOM catalog and items creation as well.

“Before OpenBOM our manufacturing lead was responsible for creating the BOM, it took a lot of back-n-forth with the designers and eventually a BOM was produced. With OpenBOM we went from hours and possible mistakes to create a BOM from Solidworks with images, quantities, part numbers and everything else, in minutes!”

OpenBOM’s sharing allows Culligan Rochester to get the BOM to everyone in the organization quickly so changes can be made and approved in much less time. The sales team uses OpenBOM for quoting and forecasting as well.

According to CEO Andrew Holden, “The ability to share design and manufacturing information with our team is crucial to our success.  OpenBOM provides an affordable and reliable way to do just that!”

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