Top 10 questions about OpenBOM customers asked us in the past

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
28 September, 2020 | 2 min for reading

Here are the top 10 questions we collected after speaking to thousands of OpenBOM new users. I’m sure you are thinking about one of these questions below.

1- Is it safe to put data in OpenBOM? 

Yes, it is safe as an online bank. OpenBOM is running on Amazon Web Services. AWS infrastructure is secured and we pay great attention to security and privacy.

2- How do I know, the data is secured and won’t be shared/sold? 

Read our terms of service and privacy statement online.

3- Will everyone has access to the data I stored in OpenBOM?

NO, data is securely accessed only by you using your login and password. Until you share the data, NOBODY has access to your information.

4- Can I get my data back if I need to leave OpenBOM?

Absolutely. At any moment of time, you can download your data

5- Will OpenBOM work with my version of the CAD system? 

Yes, we support all CAD systems. We support most of the versions of CAD systems you might be using out of the box – Solidworks, Fusion360, Onshape, Inventor, Solid Edge, and others. If for some reason, you have a problem with the version of the CAD system you use, please contact – we will fix the problem asap.

6- Will OpenBOM work with my complex CAD assembly

Yes, any data can be imported from CAD to OpenBOM

7- Will OpenBOM work in my country (eg. China, Europe) 

Yes, OpenBOM is available globally

8- Will OpenBOM automatically shares data with everyone who is using OpenBOM?

NO, the BOM access is secured and ONLY YOU have access unless you share it with your colleagues and contractors

9 – Will it share data automatically with my team?

Yes, Team subscription does it

10- Will it update BOM once it is extracted from the CAD system

Yes, BOM will be updated and merged based on the changes you do.

For more information about OpenBOM Data Model, navigate to the Online Training Library.

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