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    If you require a Bill of Materials (BOM) capable of handling and managing complex products, then OpenBOM is worth a closer look.

    • Support for configurable multi-disciplinary BOMs for different regions and contract manufacturers;
    • Version support and support for thumbnail images within the BOM;
    • Serve as bridge between engineering, manufacturing, and SAP ByDesign environment;
    • Collaboration functions to support production planning, procurement, supply chain and other “value chain” operations; and 
    • Keep everyone in the team on the same BOM.

    OpenBOM is a cloud-based replacement for your Bill of Materials (BOM) spreadsheets and is designed to integrate into your ByDesign environment.

    • Question: How do you transfer your engineering BOM to supply chain?
    • Common Answer: We didn’t have the budget for a capital expenditure to build a custom BOM integration for our ERP system so we use a spreadsheet to send the BOM from engineering to supply chain.

    As an SAP ByDesign partner, we would love to talk to you and learn how OpenBOM can help you get more out of your SAP ByDesign solution.


    • Requires no installation or maintenance;
    • Is easy and intuitive to use; and
    • It's Free to use as a single user.  Perfect for trying it out.

    Here are a few videos to give you a feel how OpenBOM works