OpenBOM™ Add-In For Autodesk Eagle

Manage catalogs and extract BOM directly from Autodesk Eagle.

If you’re using Autodesk Eagle for your electronic PCB designs, you know that one day you need to create Bill of Materials to plan production, estimate cost and making purchases.

OpenBOM is using a system of catalogs (think database of all parts and components) and Bill of Materials (usages). A catalog(s) is good to create a single version of the truth about parts, suppliers, manufacturers, compliance, cost, etc. Bill of Materials is a perfect place to manage a specific BOM including instance properties (eg. Reference Designator, Quantity, etc.)

Standard Features:

  1. Extract library information
  2. Extract Bill of Materials
  3. Seamless updates from Autodesk Eagle to OpenBOM
  4. Templates, multiple libraries and flexible BOM creations

If you have questions, please contact OpenBOM support (

Copyright OpenBOM (TM) 2019. Autodesk and Autodesk Eagle are registered trademarks of Autodesk Inc.

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