OpenBOM – Our Story and How We Help Our Customers

Oleg Shilovitsky
Oleg Shilovitsky
27 September, 2020 | 3 min for reading

The vision of OpenBOM is to help you to manage product information, change process, collaborate in real-time with your team, suppliers, and contractors as well as to manage production planning and purchasing.

My name is Oleg Shilovitsky (check here my LinkedIn profile) and I spent 20+ years developing PDM and PLM software for the industry, working for companies like Autodesk and Dassault System. I also co-founded my previous startup, which was sold to Autodesk in 2012. I’m also writing a daily blog – Beyond PLM for the last 12 years where I’m sharing my knowledge and experience about engineering and manufacturing software. Before starting OpenBOM, I worked for Autodesk where he was responsible for data management and PLM system development.

OpenBOM was founded in 2015 in Boston, MA. Our founders have a proven record of working for established companies in the technology domains such as Dassault Systems, Autodesk, HP, EMC, and others. Our global team of amazing engineers is distributed in the U.S and Europe.

I had huge exposure to the problems of PDM, PLM, and ERP software from my previous work. After experiencing all problems with using Excel as well as the challenges of using expensive PLM and ERP software, I started OpenBOM with a clear vision to help change PLM and BOM management with new technology and platform – OpenBOM.

I’ve seen a huge opportunity to change PLM software by using modern cloud and SaaS technologies and developing a unique product that can be available online to all manufacturing companies.

Integration with engineering and manufacturing software is strategically very important for OpenBOM. Therefore, from the very first day, we established a partnership with CAD, PLM and ERP companies helping us to build the best integrations between CAD/PLM/ERP systems and OpenBOM.

OpenBOM is available from 2016 and since that time we’re serving tens of thousand manufacturing companies and engineering teams globally (honestly, we stopped to update the map, since pins became invisible in Europe and the U.S.)

Here is just one example of what our customers are doing.

Pierson Workholding is Using OpenBOM For A Complete Design To Manufacture In-house Process. OpenBOM Order BOMs and POs automatically created.

We looked at a lot of options for creating and managing Bill of Materials, the CAD-based product didn’t have the ability to create Planning BOMs and Purchase Orders (which we need) and Excel didn’t have any connection to our design process (CAD), which we also required,” says Carlos. “OpenBOM offers a complete Design to Purchase process which includes BOM, Order (planning) Planning BOMs, Vendor Lists and Purchase Orders. As well as inventory control of Quantity on Hand”

Carlos goes on to say “OpenBOM was easy to implement and setup.  After a few 30 minute meetings with the OpenBOM support team, I had a functional configuration for a production test, created actual PO’s, and also used the Order BOM feature to create setup data for the circuit board assembly process. Adding additional properties with drop-down list selections allows me to capture setup data related to each part. That data is easily sorted and parsed into actions needed to get a PCB manufactured.

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