OpenBOM™ Add-In For Autodesk Inventor

Manage catalogs and extract BOM directly from Autodesk Inventor

If you’re using Autodesk Inventor for your mechanical design projects, OpenBOM gives you a direct integration with Autodesk Inventor. The integration extracts data from Autodesk Inventor and uploads it to OpenBOM. The integration also will keep data in sync and merge changes between Autodesk Inventor design and OpenBOM Bill of Materials. In addition to sending BOMs, the integration is able to automatically upload 3D CAD files and Drawings to connected cloud storage and automatically generate drawings.

Main features:

  • The embedded add-in creates BOMs directly within the Inventor environment
  • Create multi-level indented BOM of product structure including hi-rez thumbnail images
  • Manage which and how properties from Inventor designs are sent to OpenBOM using the Inventor “Bill of Materials” utility
  • Automatic generation of derivative files (PDF, STEP, DWG, etc.)
  • Support for purchased assembly & part workflows, include/exclude items from BOM and more
  • Create Vendor Lists and assign component Vendors
  • Create Planning BOMs and Purchase Orders with a single click.
  • Extend BOM by adding Rows and Columns on-the-fly
  • Easily include and manage non-modeled items like glue and tape
  • Rollup Costs, Mass and other properties from Sub Assemblies to Top Level
  • Exclude unwanted properties from BOM

If you have questions, please contact OpenBOM support (support at openbom dot com)

Watch more videos with explanations on how to use OpenBOM for Autodesk Inventor.

Copyright OpenBOM (TM) 2020. Autodesk and Autodesk Inventor are registered trademarks of Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Inventor Add-in

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