• Automated Furniture Cutting Lists

    OpenBOM automatically creates and updates cutting lists saving you time, effort, and errors

  • "Onshape is amazing for woodworking but manually creating a cutting list is time consuming and altering it after a design change is ​​error prone! openBoM makes creating and updating cutting lists simple, accurate and painless saving us time, effort, and errors."

    - Nick Lumb, Proprietor, Acorn Furniture

    "Thanks to openBoM, I can easily and quickly create cutting lists in Onshape saving me time and reducing errors; design changes are automatically updated by openBoM - this is awesome!"

    - Rami Rintaluoma , Proprietor, 3DCAD

    "openBoM is a great time-saving alternative to manually creating and updating cutting lists, helping me prevent errors and wasted time."

    - Claudio Ventura, Proprietor, e.mod Kitchens