OpenBOM Drive

What is OpenBOM Drive?

OpenBOM Data Model and Drive

Drive is a database to manage folders and files, to control access, manage file versions and provide collaborative access to all information by multiple users. OpenBOM Drive objects are connected to Catalog Items. OpenBOM CAD Add-ins allow the extraction of the data from CAD files and transfer the information including files to Item records in Catalogs. Check more about OpenBOM Data Model and Drive in the online documentation. 

OpenBOM Drive – Windows Explorer, Web Browser and CAD Integrations

Files are an essential component of data management. From CAD files to specifications and drawings, they are all part of product development. Some of the most crucial pieces of information are stored in files. OpenBOM provides flexible, scalable, and robust mechanisms to manage and link files stored within OpenBOM itself as well as other networks or hard drives.

Learn more about OpenBOM Drive in the documentation.

OpenBOM Drive Subscription

OpenBOM Drive subscription is per user and requires one of the following OpenBOM subscription plans.