OpenBOM Drive


OpenBOM Drive is an additional subscription service that can be used alongside the OpenBOM subscriptions. Drive is a cloud-based database and collaboration solution that allows you to organize all of your files online, manage work-in-progress versions of files, and access them from any computer via the OpenBOM Dashboard or the Windows File Explorer. Drive allows you to collaboratively use files without having to worry about overriding someone else’s work. 

All Drive documents can be linked to OpenBOM items, making it easier to manage traceability between item/BOMs and design data.

Who is this level for? 

This subscription is ideal for companies that are big on collaboration and various team members need to access and work simultaneously on the same project via multiple user interfaces.

Why is OpenBOM different?

OpenBOM Drive (a cloud PDM) provides unique design collaboration capabilities, including a virtual drive with unlimited file storage and instant data sharing and updates. It also provides web read-only access to files and a 3D viewer for all OpenBOM users (Team/Company), combined with a floating license for editing access for engineers.

Learn more in OpenBOM Documentation.