OpenBOM user quotes

Here’s what our users are saying

“OpenBOM support gets 10 stars! Thank you for the quick response and effective help.”

Ola Kyrkjebø, HY5

“OpenBOM seems the best solution I have come across for decent BOM management without all the other ERP and MRP feature I don’t need.”

Chris Timbey, Director, Cornfield Engineering Solutions Ltd

“Along with Onshape, OpenBOM is allowing us to transform the way we handle our manufacturing!”

Simon Ridley, Technical Director, Display Technologies Ltd.

“OpenBOM provides an awesome alternative to BOM spreadsheets; I don’t need to use spreadsheets any longer. I love the seamless integration OpenBOM has achieved with the Onshape environment, it saves me time and effort creating my BOMs.”

Jackson King, RRDCS

“OpenBOM is the best BOM app available for Onshape. It offers great features and lightning fast support.”

Kirstaps, Mechanika Engineering

“Onshape is amazing for woodworking but manually creating a cutting list is time consuming and altering it after a design change is error prone! openBoM makes creating and updating cutting lists simple, accurate and painless saving us time, effort, and errors.”

Nick Lumb, Acorn Furniture

“OpenBOM is a great time-saving alternative to manually creating and updating cutting lists, helping me prevent errors and wasted time.”

Claudio Ventura, e.mod Kitchens

“Thanks to OpenBOM, I can easily and quickly create cutting lists in Onshape saving me time and reducing errors; design changes are automatically updated by OpenBOM – this is awesome!”

Rami Rintaluoma,

“Having one BoM that is directly linked to the CAD data is really helpful as it eradicates a lot of the human errors that occur when managing BoMs manually.”

Iain Prosser Greg Rowe, LTD

“So far OpenBOM works like a charm and it seems to be the right solution for our company.”

Tomáš Majcher, RF Elements

“I would like to make a quick testimonial. I recently had a small issue with a task I was trying to perform. I was overwhelmed with the support and advice I received from Oleg and his team. They went out of their way to help me resolve my issue. I never expected such amazing service. I highly recommend openBoM as a product, especially the personal support you will receive from the team. Thank you once again, Oleg and Team.”

John Conaghan, Engineer at an emerging new company

“Oleg, just wanted you to know I am now using OpenBOM instead of Google sheets. I especially appreciate being able to select “single level bom” and the fact that it automatically inserts it’s the location in Onshape indented under the drawing it is attached to. Also the BOM is generated from the drawing view instead of the assembly. Keep up the good work!”

Terry Teague, Engineer Bell-Everman